Michael teams up with Equine Nutritionist Dr John Kohnke of Sydney, Australia, in formulating diets for all of his horses.

John works alongside Michael and provides him with all of the necessary data regarding the types and amounts of high-energy grains and fodders to feed, along with details relating to the biology in supplementing the feeds with electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and elements.

Michael ensures the horses rations are kept in balance in relation to their workloads, while placing emphasis on keeping his thorougbreds' in top race form. 

He also keenly follows the latest information that becomes available on racehorse nutrition.

Veterinary Care

The Club provides a state of the art Veterinary facility for the caring of our horses. Among the departments staff are some highly qualified and experienced Surgeons and Veterinarians.  

A fully equipped operating theatre, horse hospital and clinic ensure that their facility can effectively deal with any veterinary scenario which may arise with any horse.

Up to date scanners, endoscopes, x-ray equipment and a nuclear scintigraphy bone scanner all compliment their service.


The Club provides a Veterinarian who is a certified equine acupuncturist and she is able to treat our horses if and when necessary. 

Acupuncture treatment with horses involves the stimulation of specific points along affected channels to reopen blocked energy flow and re-establish normal functioning.

Precision in selecting the proper points, inserting needles to the proper depth, and maintaining treatment for the correct length of time, all are all important for successful equine acupuncture.


Our specialist Blacksmith's routine work is primarily hoof balancing, trimming and shoeing. In ordinary cases, it is important to trim each hoof so it retains its proper orientation to the ground. 

Additional tasks from our Blacksmith include the fitting of special shoes for racing and training as some horses may need remedial procedures on their hooves.

The Blacksmiths combine technical competence with horsemanship in providing a top blacksmith service to our horses.


Hydrotherapy Spa

Our equine spa unit functions like a horse sized whirlpool tub. For many years horses trained close to the coast have been taken down to stand in the ocean for its therapeutic effects - now the ocean comes to us !

When a horse steps inside the spa unit it gradually fills with medicated salt water that is cooled down to between 2 to 4 degrees celsius and is swirled around the horses legs with air jets.

The water solution acts as a hypertonic poultice, and it has a natural healing effect thereby reducing inflammation. The depth of the water is adjusted depending on the location of the horse's legs being treated.


Michael uses the Equissage Massage units on his horses to enhance performance, facilitate healing, and promote general health and well being with powerful cyclical vibrations.

The massage backpack gives a deep cyclical massage to the entire horse. This action actively improves circulation, relaxes muscles, promotes lymphatic drainage and increases the range of motion in horses.